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Max Wyler

max wyler

Trustee, Suncoast Regional Chapter

Co-Founder and President , Accord Productions
Producer,  The Beach Channel TV

Accord Productions is in its 28 years in business has developed into the most complete production facility in South Florida. Accord has the facilities and expertise to produce TV shows, corporate training shows, TV advertisements both short format and long format.

William “Max” Wyler leads his team on projects for all the major TV networks with recent shows on HGTV – “House Giveaway Key Largo”, Velocity Channel – “South Beach Classics”, HULU – scripted drama “South Beach”. Latest projects are for History Channel – “It’s How You get There” and “Volo, House of Cars”

Max currently oversees a team of producers who can write content in both English and Spanish. The whole creative and budgeting process starts at the scripting stage, many hours are spent doing research and re-writes to make sure that the script’s content is accurate, creative and in the case of advertising, persuasive. Max oversees producers who write for all types of production needs.

Accord specializes in training content with many training videos produced for the fast food industry, leisure industry and services industry. With recently completed projects for NCL, Subway Restaurants, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, General Electric and Mount Siani hospital/Miami Beach.

Max’s Accord team has five in-house shooting crews and the full range of production equipment needed to accomplish all types of production needs. This equipment includes field cameras, studio cameras, jib arms, lighting, teleprompters, audio kits, scan converters, monitors, make-up kits, backgrounds, portable green screens and all the ancillary equipment that modern television production requires.

Max has assembled a top notch team of editors and has 12 different edit stations, in AVID, Final Cut and Premiere to provide exact editing, sound recording, new media or graphics that a particular production needs. The art staff that Max has created for special effects and design is some of the best creative minds in the country. With a total staff of 27 people and many freelancers Max and Accord have their hands on several shows, commercials, training videos, and features at any given time.

Max lead a team to acquire The Beach Channel from OnBoard Media in 2008 the channel is a privately owned and produced South Florida TV channel that is featured on AT&T U-verse TV Channel 19 and Atlantic Broadband Cable Networks – Channel 5. The Beach Channel is viewed in 450,000 households and in 13,000 hotel rooms throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties.

Since acquiring the Beach Channel, Max and his team have expanded the audience from a little over 100,000 households and 8000 hotel rooms to 450,000 households and 13,000 hotel rooms. Max’s team has upgraded the programing and ad revenue has increased 20 fold. The channel is now one of the most popular local TV channels in the South Florida market.


  • 2017 “Jack of All Tastes” airs September 9 on Destination America
  • Executive producer and creative development
  • 2017 “It’s How You Get There” airs August on History Channel
  • 2017 “Volo, House of Cars” airs September on History Channel
  • Executive producer and creative development
  • 2016 Small Business of The Year – Miami Beach for the Beach Channel presented by the Miami Beach Chamber of commerce
  • 2016 Season IV “South Beach Classics” on Velocity

Executive Producer

  • 2015 Season III “South Beach Classics” on Velocity
  • Executive Producer one of top rated shows on Discovery Networks Velocity Channel
  • 2014 Emmy Award “It’s So Miami”
  • Lead team that produced full series of neighborhood videos for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau that received 6 Emmy award nominations and one Emmy Award.
  • 2014 Season II “South Beach Classics” on Velocity

Executive producer and show-runner

  • 2013 “Parent of the Year” South Florida Autism Charter School
  • 2012 Communicator Award
  • 2011 W3 Award (1):  TV Commercial – Silver
  • 2001 to present Telly Awards (9): Documentary, non-profit, commercial
  • 1988 Angel award for video documentary for Easter Seals

Philanthropic Activities

Board member: South Florida Autism Charter School 2011 to present

Have worked with a 8 person board to build and develop a Charter school that is designed for children and young adults who are on the severe side of the Autism Spectrum, our goal is to take kids and young adults with Autism who everyone else has given up on. Currently have 189 students K thru 22 which makes it one of the largest schools of its kind in the country. We just broke ground on our new 11 million dollar campus to expand our capacity to 300 children and young adults and this campus will have a day center that will have activities, therapy rooms, gym and vocational training.

Board of Governors: Nat’l Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2013 to present

Was nominated as a board member in 2013 and work alongside top professionals in the Television business to mentor college age kids for the Television business including granting scholarships. Also oversee judging of awards for Television Professionals. Very proud to be a member with such great Television professionals

Board member: Villages of South Florida Autism 2015 to present

Was nominated as lead board member to help develop a residential community that will allow adults with Autism to live on their own in a situation that enriches their life and keeps them active and engaged with activities and employment.

Board member: The Victory School for Autism 1998 to 2001

Was on the first board that started this very successful private school for children with Autism. School is still very successful to this day. This school has trained hundreds of teachers and assistants for the Autism community and teachers and assistants trained at this school can be found in Autism schools all over the state.

Board member: Center for Autism and Related Disabilities 2003 to 2011

Was instrumental in producing several fundraising videos that helped with Autism awareness and raise funds for the many services that the CARD center had to offer to parents and kids affected by Autism.

Supporter: Safe Haven for Newborns 2006 to present

Was a supporter from the beginning when I met the founder, he had an idea to eliminate infant abandonment which involved creating a program that allows troubled mothers to drop their new born infants (less than 7 days old) off at a fire station or hospital with no questions asked. To date the program has saved over 250 babies and has expanded to several other states.