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NEW YORK (July 10, 2020) — As part of a routine review of judging records ahead of the July 26th Daytime Emmy® Awards ceremony honoring Children’s, Animation, and Lifestyle programming, auditors at Lutz & Carr LLP reported to NATAS on July 9th that our nominations in three of these categories had each excluded a qualified nominee when announced earlier this year.

After an immediate investigation, the error was traced to an unknown technical failure in the translation of the auditor’s initial nominations tabulation — which had correctly identified all nominees — and the judging system that generated the content for the prior announcements. The tabulation data in question was randomized prior to delivery, so NATAS has no knowledge of the judging scores or award result associated with the categories and nominations in question.

On July 10th the nominations in these categories were updated to reflect the
additions and nominees in the affected categories were informed. The nominations in these and all other categories in our competition have been reverified, including those presented on June 26th.

The updated nominations press release is available at:

A further investigation into the root technical failure will be conducted immediately following the July 26th ceremony, when such review may safely include access to data otherwise sealed until the ceremony. The results of this exercise will be disclosed in the subsequent annual Transparency Report, and any resulting system or process changes will be implemented before use in any other competition.