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Bob Hammer, Secretary


Robert (Bob) W. Hammer has over 50 years in the television and entertainment business as an executive producer, producer, writer and director. He is currently the Executive Director for the Lower Great Lakes Regional Chapter. Within the regional chapter he has been chairman of the Emmy® Awards and Administration committee for 25 years. He has also served as a Trustee to the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Chapter President and Governor.

Bob has been a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since 1977 and has produced the regional Emmy® awards show multiple times.

In television advertising, Hammer was best known for creating commercials. Thousands and thousands of commercials. Millimeter magazine once estimated 40,000+ commercials and projects. Many commercials were for the Cleveland regional market, while others were distributed nationally and some internationally. Bob has directed many Hollywood and New York talent including Bob Hope, Henny Youngman, Alan Ludden, Gates McFadden, Cliff Bemis, Townsend Coleman and more. Bob also had a niche market in the world of direct response advertising. The commercials that ended with ìCall Now! Operators are standing by!î Some of the productions have been translated into 57 languages and seen around the world.

Hammer has received the Silver Circle recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science, in addition to Tellyís, Clioís, Addyís and the New York International Film Festival.

Bob has retired from active commercial production. He stays occupied with NATAS, Rotary International, and has a thriving real estate business.