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The Emmy® Awards Rules

The rules and procedures that govern NATAS-administered Emmy® Award competitions are subject to change or correction by NATAS at any time, with or without prior written notice. Beginning with the 2021 competition year, the most current versions of, and all subsequent revisions of, these rules and procedures documents will be published here (

NATAS has adopted a semantic versioning method of identifying revisions, with such version numbers represented in the format [CONTEST YEAR].[NOTABLE REVISION].[MINOR CORRECTION].

For example, the initial publication of a document for the 2021 competition year is numbered v.2021.0.0. Corrections to typographical errors, formatting, or other changes of minor impact will increment this to v.2021.0.1. More notable clarifications, additions, deletions, or other substantial changes will instead increment to v.2021.1.0 and be identified in an appendix listing all such modifications.

Documents are organized below by competition and then by revision. Please direct any questions or concerns to

National Programming - General Rules & Procedures

Applicable across all national programming competitions (Daytime, Sports, News & Documentary, Children's & Family).

National Competition Call for Entries