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A Few Words About Our Regional Chapters

Founded in 1955, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry.

There are 19 Chapters of The National Academy located throughout the United States. Each Chapter awards Emmys® in their region, the chapters are also responsible for membership to The National Academy, Regional Student Production Awards, Regional Scholarships and Regional recognition with Silver and Gold Circle honors. Regional Chapters also hold programs, seminars and events for National Academy members.

To enter a regional competition and or find out more about the chapter in you region use the Zip Code lookup form below. You will be given the contact information and additional information about the respective chapter.


  • Programs: Jill D. Jones
  • President: Kathryn Shehade
  • Director: Bob Hammer
  • President: Dan Spehler
  • Director: Rebekah Cowing
  • President: John Schippman
  • Director: Traci Bilek
  • President: Juliana Broste
  • Director: Terry Markis
  • President: Phyllis Slocum
  • Director: Stacia Mottley
  • President: Robin Tracey
  • Director: Maggie Eubanks
  • President: Kris Ketz
  • Director: Tara Faccenda
  • President: Corey Martin
  • Director: Nic Dugger
  • President: Nic Dugger
  • Director: Carol Wynne
  • President: Adam Longo
  • Director: Mike Kostel
  • President: N.J. Burkett
  • Director: Diane Bevins
  • President: Gregg Thies
  • Director: Merry Ewing
  • President: Evan Millward
  • Director: Ena Newell
  • President: DJ Summitt
  • Director: Jessica O'Toole
  • President: Doug Mummert
  • Director: Darryl R. Compton
  • President: Brooks Jarosz
  • Director: Janice Epperson
  • President: Evelyn Mims
  • Director: Karla MacDonald
  • President: Barbara Alphonso
  • Director: John Murray
  • President: Jodi Ritacca