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Code of Conduct

I. This Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct Policy (“Code of Conduct”):

  • Outlines the principles and standards that all NATAS Employees, Members, and third-party persons and entities acting on behalf of NATAS or its Regional Chapters (“Chapters”) must follow, so as to maintain the highest standard of professional conduct;
  • Applies to both workplace conduct and to conduct at any events or other activities held by, sponsored by, or otherwise associated with NATAS;
  • Applies to all involved in NATAS operations, including Officers, Directors, Chapter Governors, Committee Chairs, Employees, and all classes of Members, as well as any person or entity interacting with or for NATAS or its Chapters; and
  • Applies to all participants, including Members, guests, staff, volunteers, and vendors at events, competitions, and on NATAS social media channels.

NATAS is committed to providing safe, constructive, equal, and fair opportunities to all. 

II. Definition of Ethical Conduct and Practices

NATAS and its Chapters have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or illegal, dishonest, unethical, or otherwise harmful conduct. NATAS and its Chapters therefore prohibit all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, threats, retaliation, and any other physical or verbal misconduct. 

Accordingly, those to whom this Code of Conduct applies are expected to refrain from committing any act that will degrade NATAS in society, or otherwise prejudice, damage, or harm the standing, reputation, welfare, or best interests of NATAS or any of its Members. NATAS will neither tolerate nor condone misconduct. Moreover, NATAS will not ignore misconduct, and will actively seek to prevent its recurrence. NATAS is committed to enforcing this standard at all levels. 

III. Forms of Covered, Prohibited Conduct

NATAS and its Chapters do not tolerate:

  • Discrimination.
    Discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, faith, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, gender identification (or non-identification), mental or physical disability, or any other category or classification protected by law.
  • Intimidation, Threats, and Retaliation.
    Intimidation of, or threats or retaliation against, those opposing harassment, those filing a harassment complaint, or those otherwise participating in a harassment investigation, proceeding, or hearing.
  • Unwanted Physical Contact or Physical Assault.
    Physical assault or unwanted physical contact. This includes unnecessary touching, blocking of movement, interference with any work, and any other contact violative of applicable local, state, or federal laws.
  • Hurtful Language.
    Verbal or written derogatory language, including racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, profanity, and unwanted sexual comments or advances.
  • Unwanted Sexual Attention.
    This includes threats, demands, or requests for sexual favors in exchange for benefits or job security, and any retaliation against someone who has refused sexual advances.
  • Bullying or Stalking.
    This includes physical bullying, stalking, cyber-bullying, and cyber-stalking.
  • Inappropriate disruptions, disorderly behavior, or other visible incapacity or diminished capacity due to intoxication, substance abuse, or for any other reason.
    This includes public intoxication, as well as intoxication in the workplace.
  • Plagiarism or misrepresentation of any kind.
  • The misappropriation or misuse of any NATAS or Chapter event, venue, facility, workplace, program, materials, or platform for any disruptive or other unauthorized purpose.
  • A conviction of a felony or other crime of moral turpitude in any jurisdiction.
  • Any other action or activity that could reasonably be construed as antithetical to the best interests and reputation of NATAS or its Chapters.

Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests at events or in the workplace. A failure of a Member to prevent prohibited conduct of the Member’s guest is also a violation of this Code of Conduct.

IV. Reporting Violations

If any Member, Employee, or other person or entity discovers or suspects any violation of this Code of Conduct, they are encouraged to report it pursuant to the then-current NATAS Whistleblower Protection Policy and/or Chapter Whistleblower Protection Policy. The report may be submitted in writing, verbally in person, or verbally by telephone. A report to NATAS may be filed anonymously in the manner provided by the then-current NATAS Whistleblower Protection Policy. A complainant is encouraged to provide as much information and detail as possible so that the complaint can be properly reviewed.

V. Event-Specific And Other Violations

As guidance for you, the reader, the following outlines your responsibilities in connection with misconduct occurring at a NATAS event or workplace, or a Chapter event or workplace.

NATAS or any of its Chapters may eject, remove, or ban any person from one or more events, or dismiss from any workplace, if that person does not adhere to this Code of Conduct. Therefore, if a question or issue arises which relates to you, and this Code of Conduct:  

  • If you are asked to stop any harassing behavior or otherwise-prohibited conduct, STOP immediately. Your failure to stop once asked shall constitute grounds for ejection, removal, or a ban from the event or workplace, as applicable.
  • If you experience or witness any form of harassing behavior, or behavior otherwise prohibited by this Code of Conduct, please immediately contact:
    • The nearest NATAS staff member, if at a national event;
    • The nearest Chapter Governor or regional staff member, if at a regional event;
    • Your Chapter’s Executive Director, President, or Chapter Council Representative.

VI. Enforcement

In the event of any violation or potential violation of the Code of Conduct, the then-existing NATAS policies, or the Chapter’s policies as applicable, will be followed to review and resolve the matter. Any violation of this Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action, which may include, without limitation:

  • refusal of admission to, rejection or removal from, or a banning from, the event or workplace,
  • exclusion from future events or the workplace in the future,
  • disqualification or suspension from participation in NATAS competitions or Chapter competitions, or
  • the suspension of, expulsion of, or disqualification from membership.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change. It may be amended, supplemented, or superseded by one or more separate and further policies with or without notice. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of all NATAS Members to regularly review this Code of Conduct.