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The Technology & Engineering
Innovator (Look Back) Awards


Our Purpose

Beginning May 2015, Tech Emmy Award recipient companies or organizations could purchase up to 5 commemorative statues for individual innovators. In 2019 the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences decided to extend the Innovator statues to awarded technologies prior to 2015.

Innovator statues are intended to go directly to technical team members who directly worked on the awarded technology. All individuals requested will be vetted to ensure they qualify. Submission of a name is not a guarantee of a statue award. The more information you provide about the individuals, the faster the vetting process will proceed. If the company that was awarded has since been acquired by a new entity, the successor company must make the request for the Innovator Statues.

No matter how many people worked on a technology, the Innovator Statue program is limited to FIVE statues per company, per technology.

Apply for an Innovator(Look Back) Award

To request statues for Tech Emmy Award recipients prior to 2015 please fill out this form to provide the information necessary for the additional individual statue requests. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit the form.

NOTE: If you are on a mobile device or tablet and you are unable to see form below please click here to view and fill out the form